Have you received your Pulse Mastercard®?

Your card is changing

Your current NewDay card is closing, to be replaced with Pulse.

What you need to do

Pulse is by invitation only. Your name's already on the 'approved' list.

You may have seen our letter1 about getting and activating your new Pulse card. Please read this carefully, it tells you about important changes to your account. Your interest rate and credit limit will remain the same2 and you won’t have to apply.

Positively Pulsing with benefits
  • Cashback on your purchases
    Earn up to £150 per year in cashback. Get 0.25% cashback every time you shop using your Pulse Mastercard
  • Spend anywhere
    Use it worldwide, wherever you see the Mastercard logo.
  • Pay with your phone
    Easy and safe payments with Google Pay or Apple Pay.
Other benefits
  • Keep track of your account 24/7, online or via the new Pulse app
  • Tap and go with your new, contactless card
  • No annual fees
Your questions answered
Will you carry out a credit check that will impact my credit record?
No, as you’re an existing NewDay cardholder, we won’t need to run any credit checks before sending you a Pulse card. That means you will not see another footprint on your credit file. For more information about what can affect your credit score, click here.
Will my credit limit stay the same?
Your credit limit under your existing NewDay card will remain the same under your Pulse card, unless we have notified you otherwise.
If you have more than one NewDay card, please see the letter we sent you introducing Pulse for details of which card we’re inviting you to replace with a Pulse card – it’s the credit limit under that card that will be carried across to Pulse.

1We’ve sent some important information about your account to your online inbox. Please check app or Online Account Manager (OAM) if you’ve not read it.

2If you have more than one NewDay card, please see the communication we sent you for details of which card we are inviting you to replace with a Pulse card. Pulse will offer the same interest rate and credit limit.